Box Beam Assembly Machine
Box Beam Assembly Machine

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Box beam welding line
According to the processing features and requirement of box beam, the cover plates of 4 sides must be connected tightly with the internal reinforcing plates to avoid the out-flowing of slag liquid when doing electro-slag welding. At same time 
the internal reinforcing plates inside the whole piece of box beam are discontinuousness, so our company developed this movable  gantry type box-beam assembling machine. This machine is the important equipment for the box-beam production, mainly used in the assembling of box-beam.
Product Features
1.Easier to operate,safe and reliable.
2.The U-shaped prototype is placed on the support roller, and when the support roller rotates, the prototype can be conveyed forward.  
3.Install the electromagnet to solve the concave problem of the board. 
4.Equipped with a sensor to measure the size of the box beam.
1.The automatic centering of flange and web adopts hydraulic motor and gear, with high centering precision and good retentivity.
All of the operation are centralized on the electric control button panel, with easy and convenient operation and precise
2.The main transmission part adopts cycloid pinwheel and Taiwan TAIAN brand inverter, the assembly speed can be adjusted between
0.5—6 M/min.
3.The main components of this machine are welded structure parts with large strength and light weight. and the key components have
been stress relieved, which don't deform easily.
4.Can be used as eccentric H-beam.