What is the type of steel structure?

What is the type of steel structure?

What is the type of steel structure?
CNC Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine
Gantry CNC plasma and flame cutting machine is a kind of high-efficiency steel plate automatic cutting equipment.
H Beam Plasma Cutting Machine
H-Beam Cutting Robort has been widely used in steel structure prefabricated buildings
3D CNC Beam Drilling Machine
Machine tool equipment Accuracy Plasma H Beam Automatic Cutting Drilling Beveling Machine
H-beam CNC Assembly Welding Straightening Machine
H-beam CNC Assembly Welding Straightening Machine
Structural steel comes in various shapes like L-beam, Z shape, HSS shape, L shape (angle), structural channel (C-beam, cross section), T shaped, rail profile, bar, rod, plate and an open joist of web steel
There are many different types of steel structures, ranging from simple to complex designs. Some common types:

1. Portal frames: A simple and common type of steel structure consisting of two upright columns and a horizontal beam connecting them at the top.

2. Truss structures: Consisting of interconnected triangles these structures are often used to span long distances, such as in bridges or roofs.

3. Space frames: These complex D made up of interconnected beams or tubes, and are often used for large-span buildings like airports, stadiums, and exhibition halls.

4. Arch structures: consist of a curved arch with supports on either end, and can be used for bridges, buildings or even roofs.

5. Cable structures These structures use to support the weight the building or structure, and are often used for suspension bridges, cable cars, and other similar applications.

These are just a few examples of the many types of steel structures that be designed and. choice of depends on the specific needs the project, including the span, load-bearing capacity, aesthetic appeal, and other factors.