RSN-800/1600/2500/3150 Inverter Arc Stud Welder
RSN-800/1600/2500/3150 Inverter Arc Stud Welder



1.High efficiency, high power factor, stud-Welder is an efficient energy-saving equipment.

2.stud-Welder have light weight, small volume, easy to move.

3.According to the operators’ habits, stud-Welder working mode can select automatic and manual.

4.stud-Welder has the protection function of welding torch pick up in the wrong way and internal temperature is too high.

5.stud Welder current can be preset, and the adjustment range is wider, the operation is more concise and convenient.

6.The internal has the arc current adjustment function, which greatly improved the success rate of arc striking.

7.studWelder select automatic welding time continuously adjustable.

8.The live power grid is displayed in real time.