H Beam Horizontal Straightening Machine
H Beam Horizontal Straightening Machine



· The equipment is to correct the flange plates on both sides at the same time.
· Automatic detection function, correct unqualified and correct again.
· The non-perpendicularity of the flange plate and the web plate can be obviously corrected.
Technical Parameters


Component material
Flange width
Flange thickness
Web height
Straightening speed
Maximum pressure of hydraulic system
Motor power of conveying roller table
Total power
Product Features
1.Strong equipment stability
The core part is a casting part with stable structure. 
The main rotating roller is integrally forged, and the surface is strong and durable.
2.High production efficiency
The wing plates on both sides are corrected at the same time.without turning over the components. 
Compared with the traditional vertical correction, the efficiency is improved by three times.
3.High Processing Quality
Automatic detection function. 
Automatic re-correction of unqualified correction. 
Has obvious correction effect on that non-verticality of the web plate to the flange plate.
4.Digital production
Full link production process, logistics interoperability. 
High degree of automation without excessive manual intervention.
The whole process starts automatically.
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